On Objectionable Material in Science Fiction History

First Fandom Experience is an archive wrapped in a story. Our goal with this project is to tell a complete and unbiased history of science fiction fandom, primarily using the original artifacts created by the pioneering fans of the 1920s-1940s. These artifacts are a product of their time and, uncensored, they reflect the attitudes and beliefs of the people who created them and the society in which they lived.

Science fiction is inherently progressive, and to a large degree so are its fans. However, there are in this history statements and views expressed by some fans that are objectionable. The period that we cover in this work is marked by sexism, racism, and other social outlooks we would find ignorant or offensive today.

As historians, we make no attempt to shy away from or cover up these views, nor do we make any attempt to justify or rationalize them. These issues are, for better or worse, part of the history of this period and are part of the story of fandom. It is beyond the scope of this project to cover these issues in detail, but we aim to cover them as they relate to the story of early fandom. We will do our best to contextualize these issues as they present themselves in the history, and we will dedicate some space in the project to deeper exploration to relevant issues.

Above all, this is a conversation we want to keep going with our audience and fans and historians interested in this history. We encourage anyone to connect with us about our coverage, or lack thereof, of these issues.