The Want List

FFE seeks access to any and all fan-created or fan-related material from late 1920s through the mid-1940s. This includes fanzines, correspondence, convention programs, original art, photographs, club ephemera such as meeting minutes, stationary or membership cards… pretty much anything that can help to tell the story of early fandom.

We will consider offers to purchase physical items or collections. We also seek high-resolution digital copies of relevant artifacts with accompanying print and digital publication permissions. All contributed assets will be attributed as requested by the source.

Please contact us at if you’d like to participate in our sourcing process.

Our coverage of fanzines from the 1930s and early 1940s is extensive but incomplete. The remaining gaps are mostly the rarest-of-the-rare. We’d appreciate leads on where physical or digital copies of these specific items might be found:

  • D’Journal (I), v1n2; Fall 1935
  • Arcturus, v1n3, 4, 5; 1936
  • Arcturus, v2n1, v3n1 (partial issue); 1937
  • The Science Fiction Fan, v2n2, 9, 11; 1938
  • Any material from the 1936 First EasternCon in Philadelphia
  • The International Observer, v1n6; February 1935
  • The Rocket, v1n1; December 1937
  • Van Houten Says, v1n1, 2, 3, 4; 1938
  • Storm Over Philadelphia; Doc Lowndes, December 1939
  • The Fourteen Leaflet, v1n3, 8; 1936
  • Curious Stories, v1n1, 2; 1935
  • The Mutant (I), v1n1; 1938
  • Golden Atom, v1n5, 8; 1940
  • The Asteroid (I), any issues; 1930
  • The Meteor (I), any issues; 1931
  • The Comet / Cosmology (I), v1n3 – v2n6; 1930 – 1931
  • Science Fiction News, any issues from 1931 – November 1935
  • Tellus News, any issues; 1932
  • The Planetoid (II), any issues; 1932
  • Imaginative Fiction, v1n1, v1n2; 1935
  • Novae Terrae, v1n1; March 1936
    (We have a legible digital copy, so seeking higher-fidelity scans.)
  • Cosmic Stories / Cosmic Tales, any issues; c1930 by Jerry Siegel
    (We list these even though no copies likely still exist, in the faint hope…)

Roman numerals in (parens) following the publication titles refer to their classification in the Pavlet-Evans Fanzine Index, without which projects like this would be well-nigh impossible. For a discussion of how we’re compiling a comprehensive list of relevant fanzines, please read Sam McDonald’s definitive blog post on the topic.

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